iProcureNet survey - request for information about products and suppliers (EU survey)

eNOTICE has received the following request for participation from the iProcureNet project:

iProcureNet aims to create an ecosystem of procurers, prescribers, legal advisors and other key stakeholders of security procurement, to

  • collect, share and analyse security procurement trends and needs for a deeper understanding of the European procurement environment;
  • Develop common and standardised practices from the technical, legal and financial perspectives, and a methodological framework for cross-border joint procurement.

We would like to ask for your cooperation as the iProcureNet project is coming into the next phase.

We identified within the project relevant segments for possible joint cross border public procurement.

The relevant segments are following:

  • Automatic Cyanoacrylate Fuming Chamber
  • Forensic light source - Cime Lite
  • Personal protective Equipment
    • including Female and male ballistic vest
    • Tactical ballistic protective vest
    • Helmets - intervention heavy ballistic protection helmets
  • Drones/UAV
  • Night shoot camcorders and accessories
  • Comparative spectral analysis system for documents / travel document analyzers / Detection of false identity documents
  • Surveillance Device with Long Range Thermal Camera
  • Anti-drone device / Drone detection equipment

Now we have to collect information about products and suppliers that could deliver solution (COTS) and innovative products in relevant segment. This valuable information will be use in market analysis of given market. Findings will be then provided to established buyers group in order to use them in preparing tenders.

Therefore, we would like to ask you to share widely this survey among the suppliers that you know of and that could be able to deliver products and solutions in relevant segments.

The link for the survey is following https://ec.europa.eu/eusurvey/runner/iProcureNet_Products_Suppliers_2021

Please share the survey also with end-users that could be aware of possible products.

Enclosed you can find the information about request for information that you can use when sharing the survey.

Deadline for sending the reply to the survey is 14th of April 2021.