Joint Activity in Ranst, Belgium 2022

Dear training centres,

We are excited to tell you that pre-registration for the Joint Activity in Ranst, Belgium from 19th-20th of May 2022 is officially opened. We would be delighted to welcome your trainers and decision makers in Belgium. This email will inform you further about the pre-registration, the program and reimbursement of costs.

You can pre-register via this link:
You can pre-register until the 23rd of March. After filling in the pre-registration, you will be put on the waiting list. Depending on the number of pre-registrations, we might need to make a selection of participants. You will receive an email to let you know if you are selected before the 25th of March.

The target audience
For this event, we are inviting two main groups: trainers and decision makers. Trainers are participants that have experience in training first responders. Generally, they also have some knowledge of CBRN.
Decision makers are (as the name suggests) the persons that can make decisions in the training centres. For example, decisions about working together with companies, decisions about membership to networks or decisions about the trainings that are used within a training centre.

The program
19th of May: Joint Train the Trainer with trainers and decision makers
Full day, including lunch and dinner

20th of May: Train the trainer for trainers, policy meeting for decision makers
Half day, including lunch

The train the trainer
To get to know some of the contents of the train the trainer, a webinar was organised on the 8th of March. You can find a recording of the webinar right here:
The contents of the webinar give a good overview of the MELODY CBRN curriculum. The MELODY curriculum is a training curriculum meant for first responders without any CBRN experience. It has a modular approach where the trainer can mix and match parts of the curriculum to fit their needs and target audience. The curriculum includes an e-learning, PowerPoint slides, scenarios to discuss and table top exercises.

The policy meeting
Your input in the upcoming policy meeting will be invaluable and of great importance for the future of the network. In this policy meeting, decision makers from different Training centres from all over Europe can come together to discuss their experience with working together with industry companies as a training centre. As part of the network sustainability eNOTICE is currently exploring the options of cooperation with industry for the network, but it is vital to know your thoughts and opinions on this, as well as your previous experience so that we can all learn from it. For more information about the policy meeting you can mail to

Reimbursement of costs
We understand that not all training centres might have the means to travel to Belgium. Therefore we would like to offer you a reimbursement of costs to allow you to attend this event. We offer the following:

  • 3 night at the hotel B-INN or Aldhem, including breakfast
  • Lunch on the 19th and 20th of May
  • Dinner on the 19th of May

On top of that, we offer reimbursement of travel costs (e.g. airplane or train) up to 200 euros per person.
What will not be reimbursed are:

  • Travel costs above 200 euros per person
  • Alchoholic beverages
  • Lunch and dinner not provided by the projects
  • Items taken from the mini bar at the hotel (or from other hotel facilities)
  • Costs claimed without receipts or tickets

When you want to claim your costs, please make sure to keep all boarding passes, train and bus tickets, receipt and bills. Without these documents your costs cannot be reimbursed.

I hope that this email has informed you enough about the upcoming joint activity. If you have any further questions about the joint activity, you can mail to

Don’t forget to register before March 23rd at and I hope to see you there!